Raijin Database - ​Built For Analytics

Built For Analytics

Most NoSQL solutions are inefficient at or totally lack support for analytical queries. Raijin DB supports group by and aggregations using standard SQL syntax.

Vectorized execution and cache-friendly algorithms allow large amounts of data to be operated on. Backed by optimized SIMD instructions (SSE2/AVX2) and a modern compressed hybrid columnar storage layer it ensures that your CPUs are not wasting cycles. This gives unparalleled data-crunching capabilities an order of magnitude faster compared to other solutions written in higher level or even interpreted languages which are inefficient at processing large amounts of data.


Support For 
Semi-Structured Data

One of the primary goals of Raijin is to natively support semi-structured data to provide the flexibility that made document databases popular. 
A big limitation of traditional SQL systems is schema rigidity.  

The Raijin database does not require a schema to be defined up-front allowing you to cope with data variety as records may contain different fields. The database does not store NULL values in order to efficiently deal with sparse data.

Raijin Database - ​Support For  Semi-Structured Data

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